So apparently it has been almost a year since I last updated the blog.  Did I blink or something?  Ugh!  As I read back through some of the older posts, I am sad that I let it go for so long.  My whole point in wanting to do this was to document this crazy, busy life we live.  I know my failing memory will forget these days.  These often very long days with young children.  It’s fun to look back to almost exactly one year ago today and know that the kids were driving me crazy.  Not at all unlike today.

To update:  Nadie will be starting second grade in a few weeks.  She is now seven years old.  I am hoping it will be easier than first grade.  Or, better yet, that I will be more diligent in not trying to homeschool in my own strength.  God has called us to it and it is only through Him that we will be successful.  It would serve me well to remember this! Oliver is going into the three year old class at Parent’s Day Out as he turned three in April.  He loves school!  And now that he is completely potty trained, I can quit searching for colleges that are willing to change diapers.  We are right on the verge of beginning yet another school year and life is about to seriously get cranked up again.

I am going to attempt and go back over the past year and update some other events that transpired throughout the past twelve months.  We’ll see how that goes.  Sadly, I have learned how much easier it is to throw a status update up on FaceBook than to take the time to actually blog.  But I am working on it.  I have realized the error of my ways.  So off I go!  Run, run Rudolph…

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