Our Pack

These are our fur babies.  Right now we have three, but there is usually an extra one or two around as we foster for a local rescue.  We just think that life is better with dogs in it!


Riley is our senior miniature schnauzer.  He (along with Cooper, who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge) was our first baby.  Riley likes to bark at any and everything and tends to scare easily.  He’s pretty much completely deaf, and working on losing his site as well.  That leaves him a lot of free time to sleep in his Costco bed and bark at nothing in the backyard.  Mostly, he just loves his Mama.


**** Sadly, we lost our precious Ramona on September 1, 2016.  She was only four years old.  I miss her every single day.  Ramona was a bulldog and fought the good fight.  We love you, Moners, and will see you again one day.  Ramona’s story is chronicled here:


Ramona is our terrier mutt.  She was a rescue from the pound in Dyersburg, TN.  She is our alpha and is as smart as she is sassy.  Ramona is Nadie’s very best friend.

imageTruvy is our doxiepoo/honey badger/ferret mix.  She is nine pounds and she means every ounce of it.  Truvy came from the stray area of MAS and was labeled as “fractious.”  She’s been labeled as fractious on pretty much every chart she’s had since then as well.  We were just supposed to foster her, but she became my 2014 Mother’s Day present and a Rudolph.  Truvy is very quick and knows how to get her way.  She adores her family but is not opposed to taking a nibble from those she doesn’t know or like.

Itty Bitty

Itty Bitty is the newest member of our family.  She is a three pound Chihuahua/Gift from God/Wingless Bat.  Bitty was abandoned in a locked house when the family moved out without her and her companion Belgian Malinois.  Luckily, the neighbors were able to help and she was taken in by SOAR Dog Rescue.  After Ramona died, none of us were even considering another dog.  It could not have been further from our minds.  But, as usual, God had other plans.  We ended up with Itty Bitty as a “foster,” but that didn’t last long.  While she has not replaced Ramona, she has brought us much joy during a very painful time, and has created her own place in our lives.  Itty Bitty is now the smallest Rudolph of all.