We Are on a Break

So, I’m not even going to go through the platitudes of why I randomly do or don’t blog.  I’ve given up on any of that.  However, I have learned that writing (is it still called that if it’s typed?) is good for me.  It’s cathartic.  And in today’s world, don’t we all need a little catharsis from time to time?  After all of this election mess, I am finding that I’m going to need an outlet for all of the thoughts swirling through my brain.

Now, I am fully aware that in the year 2016, the fashionable thing to do in this case would be to sign up for a half-marathon.  Then, of course, I would start “training,” get an app and sports watch to track my progress, post all of the above on all social media platforms, wear my sports bra and shorts with the 1/2 inch inseam to the grocery store, and then get a sticker to put on my car that merely says “13.1.”  Because somehow running stickers have become a necessary automobile accessory.  Why did long-distance running have to become the new mid-life crisis?  Could we not have come up with something better than that?  As a bit of a conspiracy theorist, I believe that my generation was somehow programmed (maybe by the shoe companies?) for this phenomenon.  We were mere babes, or in-utero, during the Chariots of Fire era. That moment in history when the world was being inundated by movie images of athletes running in dramatic slow-motion, while its ear-worm of a theme song droned on in the background.  I never actually saw Chariots of Fire, that I am aware of anyway.  But I know there was a lot of running in it.

All of that to say, I’m not running.  And if you see me doing so, please call for help because I am in trouble. After dismissing other non-contender activities that involve too much money, time, preparation or anything that’s fun, (my kids have a strict policy against me having fun) that leaves this blog to assuage the raging thoughts.  So here I am.  My own tiny spot in cyber-space.  This is actually a space that even my kids cannot infiltrate, and they are all but omni-present.  So why share publicly my little nook of the internet?  Mostly because I think that we as humans enjoy connecting with other humans that understand our place in life.  There is comfort in knowing that someone out there “gets” my quirky, adulthood is overrated, no personal time, kids and dogs everywhere, waist-deep in laundry, we are out of toilet paper and late AGAIN life.

I’m also sharing because I have a deep-seated, Ross and Rachel, love/hate relationship with Facebook.  And right now I’m feeling like Facebook and I are wanting different things out of life.  For the time being, we are taking some time apart.  We are “on a break,” so to speak.  Sure we will still run into each other at parties, but I am branching out and forming new relationships.  I’m also revisiting some past relationships, this blog specifically.

In the past, I have tinkered with blogging.  It started with a Caring Bridge site for Oliver when he was sick.  It truly helped me through a difficult time.  I’ve been encouraged by others to keep it going, but ain’t nobody got time for that.  Now, I fear that I am going to have to make time for my own sanity.  Aside from the afore mentioned cathartic aspect, I need something that is mine.  Something that stimulates parts of my brain other than the Mommy part, yet doesn’t require time wasted to wade through unwanted “stuff.”

Blogs do not have news feeds.  That means I don’t have to see a picture of someone’s lunch pop up on my screen while I’m trying to enjoy some Grumpy Cat memes.  It also means no accidentally ending up on some click-bait site advertising the latest on Honey-Boo-Boo and Mama June.  But best of all, the content is my choice and not some jacked-up algorithm’s.  Who writes that stuff anyway?  Most likely the same individual that continuously suggests “People That I May Know” right in the middle of my newsfeed.  Yes, I know them.  No, I don’t want to be friends with them, but now I have to because I just accidentally sent a friend request.  Thanks, Facebook.

Anyway, it’s time for a change and a bit of a break.  Maybe it’s even time to start a new trend in mid-life crises and bumper stickers, “______ is the new Half-Marathon.” And that blank space can be filled with whatever you want, just like a blog.

That being said, I’ll drop by later, Facebook.  We all know that I can’t completely leave you.  Hello, again, Blog!




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