Mirror, Mirror

One of the things I enjoy most about being a mama is watching my kids play. Not only does it bring back memories of play from my own childhood, but I am amazed at their creativity. It is always interesting to see what they may come out with. Nadie’s favorite play usually involves dress-up and a baby doll. She has always been a huge fan of the costume, no matter what she may be doing. Other favorites for her include spa, doctor, and preparing stuff in her kitchen for the restaurant she is running. Oliver is a car and truck man. He loves his vehicles. Well before he turned two, he would take his cars and lay down in the floor and roll them around for long periods of time. He likes to line them up in rows too. Other favorites for Oliver are trains, balls, and being outside. He also likes to use the toy laptops.

Another aspect of play is the fact that it is reflective of real life. Watching them can be a good indicator as to what is going on in the family. For instance, when Nadie was younger she would pretend to drive Big Big’s truck. She would go to the drive-thru at Starbucks to get everyone a coffee. After Oliver came along, instead of Starbucks, she began going to Walgreens to pick up prescriptions. Very appropriate! Now, as she rides her Barbie jeep around the backyard, she will say, “Hey, it’s Happy Hour! Anyone want to get out of the house and get some Sonic?” (In case it isn’t clear, going to Sonic during Happy Hour is what we will do when I need a BREAK.)

For me, I get the added bonus of Nadie being very reflective of me. She says and does things that make me stop dead in my tracks as I know I have heard them before. Talk about a wake-up call! Today I heard her talking to Big Baby. Apparently Nadie was about to leave the house without her hair done, no jewelry, and no shoes. Luckily her daughter, Big Baby, was kind enough to remind her to put herself together before they left the house. She came and told me how grateful she was to Big Baby, “I am just so crazy these days. I can’t remember anything.” Hmmm. Where have I heard that before?

It is a daily reminder to me that I have four eyes that watch every thing that I do and say. Very closely. Wow! No pressure there, right? It is frightening to say the least. What will they say of me when they are all grown up? “My mother loved the Lord and tried to follow Him daily.” OR “My mother couldn’t remember to put her shoes on when we would leave the house.” And yes, I may have gotten in the car to go somewhere with my slippers on ONE time.

How can I model Christ to my kids all day every day? It’s certainly not easy and is something with which I struggle. Especially when I see some of my “not so proud moments” come back to me during playtime. I guess I will just keep doing my best. I will remind them that Mama makes mistakes too, and ask their forgiveness when I do. We will pray together on those super hard days and ask the Lord to help us through them. And I will love on them as much as I can. Then, if it gets where we just can’t stand it anymore, we may have to step out to Sonic for an iced tea and two rootbeers. Hopefully I will remember to put my shoes on before we go.

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